Classic Grimlock - Transformers

Grimlock, a gray and gold transforawesome to Tyrannosaurus rex, is a re-imagined form of his original G1 character. His tail weapons can be stored on his back when not used. Grimlock features a heat-sensitive rubsign placed on the left side of the tyrannosaurus torso/his left leg. A common complaint about the figure is the size of the peg being too small in relation to the peg-hole, making it impossible to lock the arms into place. (tfwiki.net) The legs and feet have very good jointing. Some have complained about the 'chicken' feet, but if you look at a real T-Rex, Grimlock's footing is pretty close to real. (source : tformers.com/reviews)

Me, Grimlock KINGGGG !!!

Me, Grimlock want to chop !!!

Me, Grimlock feel Leader

Ready to eat other dinasour

Rooarrrrr !!!

Another Rooarrrrr !!!

Me, Grimlock have different skin head

Take-off :
Bayonet blaster & Missile launcher

Add-on :
1. Sword from FansProject Parallax TFX-02 Optimus Prime G3 Trailer

My view:

G1 lookalike7
Robot mode7
Alternate mode9
Ball joint7

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)

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