Punch/Counterpunch TFCC Timelines (Robot Mode) - Transformers

Punch possesses a unique transforawesome ability that allows him to adopt a second robot mode. Using this secondary form, he poses as a Decepticon named Counterpunch, in order to infiltrate the villains' ranks and spy on them as a double agent. Punch/Counterpunch is a retooling of the Universe Sunstreaker / Universe Sideswipe mold, transforawesome into a heavily modified Lamborghini Gallardo with customized engine supercharger intakes mounted just behind the roof. This supercharger can form a sort of "jetpack" can be attached to the pistol to make a larger gun. The pistol can also be mounted on a peg-hole in the robot-mode shoulder. Punch/Counterpunch makes use mold's two robot-mode configurations as a single toy. His new head replicates the original toy's two-faced "flip-cap" head, hiding the eyes of whichever face he isn't using at the time. (The fists need to be physically swapped between the two if you really want to be super-accurate.) His head is likely to accommodate his fliptop forehead during transformation. (source : tfwiki.net)

Punch !!!

His feet has posable limit

Handsome autobot mode

Punch head view

Fliptop to Punch

Fliptop to Counterpunch

Counterpunch head view

Counterpunch !!!

G1 posable

Handsome decepticon mode

Robot in disguise

My view:

G1 lookalike7
Robot mode7
Alternate mode7
Ball joint9

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)

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