Henkei Hound - Transformers

Hound transforawesome into a Mitsubishi J59 Jeep (Jeep Hurricane concept), once again with a modified front section that avoids the trademark Jeep look with round headlights and vertical grille vents. Hound features his familiar (non-firing) rocket launcher in both vehicle and robot modes. (source : tfwiki.net). Hound has black plastic tyres with silver painted hubcaps, a silver grille and silver winch, silver seats and a chrome silver bullbar. His windshield and headlights are transparent blue. His taillights are painted red along with the Autobot logo stamped onto his hood. There are white stars of the front fenders, the rear bumper is painted metallic charcoal while there some black plastic elements around the cabin area.

Ready to scout decepticons

Ready to track decepticons

Ready to search decepticons

Awesome green jeep

Missing his pet behind !!!

So military...

Take-off :

Add-on :
1. Gun from FansProject Parallax TFX-02 Optimus Prime G3 Trailer

My view:

G1 lookalike9
Robot mode9
Alternate mode9
Ball joint9

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)

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