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Ultra Magnus transforawesome into armor truck. Unlike G1 homage alternate mode, car carrier truck. City Commander trailer is made from solid plastic. City Commander is as large as an Ultra Class mode figure (Classics Ultra Magnus is Voyager Class and he is repaint of Classic Optimus Prime). Still he has great detailing and closely resembles to G1 Ultra Magnus. The paint application is superb flawless and in style fit with the Classics figure line. The figure feels imposing and solid, as if the armor parts is an integral part. A slight glance will not be enough to discern that the figure can be separated between the inner robot and the parts attached. The gun also quite heavy, even Ultra Magnus ratcheting joint on the elbow cannot cope with its weight when posed him in a certain pose.


I feel naked

I feel naked too

Armor Up !!! So now not naked anymore...

The robot mode looks too close to the G1

Awesome pose with bloody gun

Over-exaggerated and bulky

Trailer armor is ready

The truck cannot turn-around perfectly

Armor truck ready to battle

Oooppss..i left my truck

My view:

G1 lookalike8
Robot mode9
Alternate mode6
Ball joint8

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)

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