Henkei Octane - Transformers

Octane transforawesome from a Hercules C-130 military transport plane to HEMTT M978 tanker truck. In plane mode, he used black and purple theme that is also found on the tailfin, although the rear stabilizer wings are all white. There is also some dark blue on the lower part of the tail section. There are three useable wheels on the belly. Finally, there is a double barreled cannon on either side of the wings. While in tanker truck mode, he receives a different color scheme. The front cab resembles a European style cab and is all in blue with silver windows. There is a lightbar molded into it but its the same blue as the cab. The tanker top is silver, while the bottom is a combination of black and white. The tanker has 8 wheels, but the first set of rear wheels are molded in. He is armed with a serrated "melee blade" weapon , which forms the top of his tanker mode and the base of his plane mode, and a pair of double-barreled blasters peashooters.

Both hand full with weapon

Ready to strike !!!

Need to go bajak tanah...

I want to claw your back

Ready to take the army

Nice fan

Some oil here

Little tiny truck

My view:

G1 lookalike7
Robot mode8
Alternate mode7
Ball joint9

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)

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