Generations Blurr - Transformers

Blurr is a retool and recolor of Generations Drift. He transforawesome into a cross between a Nissan Silvia S15 and a Mitsubishi FTO. Tooling changes involve a new head, a less prominent spoiler, and a set of guns to replace Drift's swords. The head sculpt is influenced by Guido Guidi's Blurr redesign from the IDW comics. The new large gun has a pivoting handle in the middle so that Blurr can hold the gun easily with both fists, while the two smaller guns can plug into the end of the barrel, forming a bipod. His main body color is light blue. He is then painted with a secondary color of lighter blue and then white for the hood and roof area and blue for the side skirts. His spoiler is also noticeably lower, since the hood and roof are painted this figure is very prone to bad paint job. 

Very well engineered mold but not G1 mold

Me got speeeddddd....

Handed with long sniper rifle

Ready to blast decepticons

and ready to hide and shoot

Anybody wanna piece of me?

U wanna left or right?

2 pistols that holster inside his door like Drifts swords

Me not G1 car

Lucky got nice paint of me

Ready to race with Drift

Awesome Blue Blue Bluesss

My view:

G1 lookalike4
Robot mode4
Alternate mode2
Ball joint9


(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)



(source : spotlight : blurr)

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