Henkei Cyclonus - Transformers

Cyclonus transforawesome to Cybertronian style jet. The head sculpt is very accurate to the G1 anime and has red piped eyes. His right fist is bored out to accept his Nebulan partner in weapon mode. He also has two horns protruding from the top of his head, gong off in angles. This toy in a lavender plastic balancing between the toy's purple and cartoon's purple-blue, and includes a painted face. Cyclonus features 3 point landing gear, although it has static wheels. While overall lightyears ahead of the original, there are still glitches. The rear section tends to look piecemeal with various gaps. The left side of the cockpit supposedly contains kill stamps.

Nightstick is binary-bonded to Cyclonus and serves as his hand weapon. In weapon mode, he is single barrel laser cannon. The peg (or grip) can be inserted behind the cockpit when Cyclonus is in alt mode. Leg articulation is limited to pin hinges on the hips, although each leg can move independently. The shoulders and elbows are pin hinged as well for minicon-like poseability.

So where is galvatron now?

I'm ready to take down Rodimus

I realy need to tanduk that Rodimus

Handsome mode tired waiting for Galvatron

Me feel stick-ky

Ready to fly

Flying to Cybertron

This gun is damn heavy !!!

My view:

G1 lookalike9
Robot mode9
Alternate mode9
Ball joint10

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)

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