Henkei G1 Legends Wheelie - Transformers

LEGENDS : Henkei Minibots Spy Team

Matches G1 Wheelie quite well

Upper right shoulder has catapult molded on it


His legs bend forward

Junk planet speeder? 

Huge taillights

Rear wheels also quite large

Nice car...


Azrael said...

mm.. not bad for a small transformer pckage.. i personally love how most newer transformers are ball jointed for maximum poseability..

im new at blogging, just created my blog yesterday - would be honored if you visit and have a look around. i have a small collection of toys myself, some transformers and theyre smaller scale ones..i like having my toys fit the same scale u know.. lol

azharie said...

just visit and folo ur blog azrael !!!


Shout Loud !!!