Takara/Tomy United Jazz - Transformers

Jazz transforawesome from robot into a "street rally" white sports car that looks like Jazz's original Porsche front-end wearing Pontiac Solstice headlights for a hat. Jazz has deployable speakers in both robot and vehicle mode, and his rifle is an update of his Classic Pretender weapon. The speakers can also combine with his rifle via clips to form a super rifle, or they can be used on any other clip-compatible Transformers toy. (source : tfwiki.net) Deployable speakers are folded neatly for them to fit on the shaft on the car's body. The deco pays very good tribute to the original design. One of Jazz’s best features is his speakers.

Review :

No more henkei packaging

Simple back packaging

Optimus Prime's right-hand man

Ready to lead-assist to prime

Very good tribute to G1 Jazz

Good posebility

I have big feet? Nahhh...

Weapon with sound ?

So now weapon upgraded

This weapon look funny abit

Dazzle with sound

Classic number 4

Windows, headlights and foglights are all translucent blue

Silver shining rim

Delicious sports car indeed

Classic Autobot symbol

So now he has red lights

Both doors can be opened with cuts to reveal deployable speaker

Speakers deployed with a nice touch

Hey there, jazz music here

So now i cant see my side mirror

My view:

G1 lookalike9
Robot mode9
Alternate mode9
Ball joint9

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)


kay_are said...

jazz tu.. jangan men2.. tapi paling ske hot rod ngan inferno r kalau bab2 trnfrmers ni

azharie said...

jazz mmg feveret karektor tuu...


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