Henkei USA Edition Powerglide : Transformers

Powerglide transforawesome into an A-10. Powerglide was depicted to be a show-off since he is one of the few autobots who can fly. He may not be the fastest flier but his daring acrobatic skills and craftiness in the sky makes up for the lack of top speed. During transformation to robot mode, the sound effect is triggered as the torso is moved into place; it plays in reverse as he is transformed back to vehicle mode. In robot mode, pressing the orange button triggers the machine-gun sound effect only, with newly-exposed lights illuminating Powerglide's eyes as well as those seen in jet mode. (source : tfwiki.net) His head was intentionally given the asymmetrical sculpt of the original toy.

He was a mini-bot back in 1985

Sagging titties

He is gigantic

Buffed upper body proportions

The wing folded as shoulders

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Short front landing gear

Oversized flier

Gattling gun in place?

Flight fighter

My view:

G1 lookalike9
Robot mode8
Alternate mode10
Ball joint9


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