Takara/Tomy United Wreck-Gar - Transformers

Instead of the sort-of-a-chopper bike, Wreck-Gar transforawesome into a motocross-style bike. There is no black flame decals on the fuel tank like Hasbro version. The wheels turn very freely and the entire bike itself looks very believable. One Wreck-Gar can totally ride another (or other toy based on the same mold) in the style seen in the movie!

The facial hairs looks very realistic. The overall articulations are as follows: the head is on a ball joint, but unfortunately its movement is a bit restricted due to its designs and facial hairs. The transformation of the right leg in particular contains a little bit of the all-famous auto-morph gimmick. Wreck-Gar is definitely one of the best figures yet again proved to be on par with the wholly popular G1 line.

Without weapon

With weapon axe

His exhaust pipe become his axe 

Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong?

Lalalala....searching junk

Very articulated

Awesome motorcrosss

 Nice to ride

and nice to rempittt

My view:

G1 lookalike9
Robot mode10
Alternate mode9
Ball joint9

 (source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)


Anonymous said...

i might not a fans to transformers but i gotta say that this one is way to cool.. damn it! it look nice esp when it transform into bike..
nice.. :D

azhari said...

absolutely damn cool miziey, this is my first motorcycle transformers...;)

Syuxer said...

perghhh transformers..macam2 ada..ni kalau wat koleksi,best ni untuk peminat transformer..anyway tq coz singgah blog saya..dan jom kita follow sesama #323

ryuuzaki-kun said...

gua pengen satu..


Maii Yusre said...

cool !

Nick said...

nice figures bro!!!

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