Henkei USA Edition Onslaught : Transformers

Henkei USA Edition Onslaught transforawesome into a six-wheeled SWAT assault truck. When the button on his rotating turret is pressed, electronic lights flash and one hears either machine gun fire or a siren sound. A rubber tread on the vehicle's middle left tire activates a third sound. In robot mode, a shield can detach from the top of the turret and attach to Onslaught's left arm, while a button on Onslaught's right arm spring-deploys an arm-mounted weapon. The turret rotates 90° to either side and there's a hatch which opens on top of the cockpit. Henkei Onslaught robot mode is closer to G1 look but not in vehicle mode. This is the saddest thing.

Ready to combat !!!

Gun down

On riot shield

Swing shoulder and bending leg 

The powerful look

This is not G1 truck mode !!!

Turret targeting

Activate minesweepers 

Monzo 12782 refers to a fan with the nickname "Monzo" and his date of birth

 Combat transport truck

My view:

G1 lookalike7
Robot mode8
Alternate mode2
Ball joint9

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)

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