Fansproject TFX-04 Rodimus Protector Armor - Robot Mode

Rodimus Protector Armor Robot Mode is combination of Classic Rodimus with 7 separate parts from the protector armor trailer : armor head, sharp wings, rifle, arm upgrade, leg upgrade power-up chest and not forget bigger panties..lol. But sadly no Sidearm in this part. The trailer come in first place without sidearm. The head seem so wrong in the picture but when its in your hand, not bad at all..it still acceptance..

Armor up..behold Rodimus Prime

Cool flame chest

Hand posebility but sadly upgrade easy to fall off

Upgrade rifle

Fit nicely

Unstable leg with weak clips

Ready to bowww


Owh..its a hand shake
My view:

G1 lookalike4
Robot mode4
Alternate mode7
Ball joint6


Shout Loud !!!