Henkei Megatron - Transformers

Megatron is a "fusion blaster" based loosely on the original Megatron toy and transforawesome to Nerf N-Strike Maverick blaster to comply with modern US toy gun regulations. Its scope/arm cannon houses a working crosshairs and its trigger includes clicking action. Megatron also had noticeably different "eyebrow" paint applications that matched those of the original Megatron toy. These were two small black triangles on a gray plastic forehead. His chest plate is chromed silver, as well as the top of his knee guards.(tfwiki.net) The weapon fits in hands just fine. The targeting scope actually has a crosshair in it, so you can look through it to "target" unwary Autobots. The trigger does pull back, and makes a rather satisfying "click" when pulled all the way. Overall it is about as functional of ugly blaster toy can get without the added cost of lights/sounds/projectiles. (bwtf.com/toyreviews)

Posing mode

Wanna fly mode

Arrogant mode

Bulls eye mode

Ugly gun mode

Another ugly gun mode

Really ugly

Damn ugly

Add-on :
1. Grey spray paint
2. Black spray paint

My view:

G1 lookalike2
Robot mode3
Alternate mode2
Ball joint8

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)


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