Universe Sunstreaker - Transformers

Sunstreaker transforawesome into a modified Lamborghini Gallardo. Though the car is mostly based upon the Gallardo, to avoid legal problems, it also features modified headlights and elements taken from other cars, such as a front bumper that appears to be based on a 2004 MurciƩlago R-GT and a rear end that is basically a cross between a MurciƩlago and a Diablo; however, the split side windows and the ridges on the door vents are based on a McLaren F1. Like the original Sunstreaker's Lamborghini Countach form, the 2008 Universe vehicle mode features a customized engine supercharger intakes mounted just behind the roof of the car. Sunstreaker's license plate is tampographed "WE R 84", referring to the year the Transformers franchise was launched. Like many other new-mold Universe toys, Sunstreaker has a "dramatic head reveal" when transforming him to robot mode: when his chest is rotated into place, his head rises into position and his ears to spring out. In robot mode, his engine intakes attach onto his back, though in an undocumented feature, they can also fold down over the widest part of the "electron blaster" and click in place. The gun can also be attached to the holes in Sunstreaker's shoulders, though his "ears" get in the way. (source : tfwiki.net)

He is the egotistical vanity monger

Awesome posable and articulation

He is a fighter and ready to fight

I am damn ready

Striking resemblance to the Gallardo

Almost entirely yellow

Nice ride...

My view:

G1 lookalike9
Robot mode9
Alternate mode9
Ball joint8

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)

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