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Sideswipe is a retool of Universe Sunstreaker. He not only features a new head sculpt, but he has a slightly altered transformation scheme and assembly; his upper body, from the neck to the hips, is rotated 180 degrees from Sunstreaker's, giving him the "classic" hood-chest. His fists are also "backwards" from Sunstreaker's to keep them in the right places in robot mode. He transforawesome into a modified Lamborghini Gallardo with the license plate says SWIPE. Though the car is mostly based upon the Gallardo, to avoid legal problems, it also features modified headlights and elements taken from other cars—most of them are taken from other Lamborghini models, such as a front bumper that appears to be based on a 2004 MurciĆ©lago R-GT and a rear end that is basically a cross between a MurciĆ©lago and a Diablo; however, the split side windows and the ridges on the door vents are based on a McLaren F1. (source : tfwiki.net)

Generation One predecessors !!!

My missile cannon is ready !!!

Ready to tag-team with his cold blooded Sunstreaker

Where is my engine booster???

Why my roof paint not match with my body???

Of course me awesome red Lamborghini

Take-off :
Dual-engine backpack

Add-on :
1. Rocket Launcher TFC-004 Gear of War weapon set

My view:

G1 lookalike9
Robot mode9
Alternate mode9
Ball joint8

(source : the ark : a complete compendium of character design)

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