Takara/Tomy United Scrapheap - Transformers

Scrapheap transforawesome into a motocross-style bike. He is a retool head and repaint from Wreck-Gar. Difference from Wreck-Gar, Scrapheap is a dull brown and grey bike with some tan, red and black color. He is designed to be able to ride another figure of the same base mold in vehicle mode which as seen in the Transformers the movie. This Scrapheap is e-hobby collection from 3-pack Autobot Sets that include ugly Kup and ugly Rodimus. LOL.

Hungry of junk

Handsome with retool head

Ready to axe

Junk geng

No more fire flames

Very dirty bike

Boring and dull brown bike

Missing plate number

Which bike ready to rempit?

Emm...still deciding

Lets rempit !!!

My view:

G1 lookalike7
Robot mode7
Alternate mode7
Ball joint9

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